For those of you who have visited here before - don't be alarmed -
My site has been off line now for a couple of years and I now trying to give the site a well earned face lift and rebirth!


My precsious lady went off line after I had a bad car accident which left me permanently disabled. I have had a long recovery period but the Lady is still apart of my heart and sole.


But for those of you who might remember ladysrealm was quite large, with lots and lots of pages, so it is quite a monumental under taking and challenging for this wounded little fairy to undertake. So progress might be slow.

For those of you who are new - this site is a wonderful place to escape into the world of innocents and fantasy, so relax kick off your shoes, get your self a cup of tea or a glass of wine and get ready to have some fun and enjoy some wonderful art and poetry!

Oh, by the way -- this site is just for fun and relaxation -- I have nothing to sell!

For those of you who might be looking to purchase some of the artwork displayed here I have attempted to provide links to the artists home pages when ever possible.